Meeting some new admirers at the botanical gardens

While out for a walk exploring Jambi I was drawn from the noisy bustle of the crowded streets to the sanctuary that is the local botanical gardens and orchid nursery. Of course for such a delight you must pay to enter, but the cost was literally cents. Once inside I delighted for 5 full minutes in peace and serenity before being mobbed by school kids on a field trip. Their teacher could only give me a stern look as his pupils abandoned their lessons. Unlike the kids that I had met in Africa these did not want me to take their picture to show to them, almost all of these kids whipped out digital cameras and cell phones and wanted to take my picture. They lined up to pose with me. In my poor Indonesian I would say “Satu” meaning one, and they would smile and say “Dua” meaning two. Of course in reality they snapped many more than two photos.
The gardens themselves were the size of a small city park. By far the most abundant plants were orchids of all varieties. Many not yet in bloom. Many different trees and flowering bushes were also on display along the shady paths. The center piece was a magnificent lotus pond. Pink and white lotus flowers dotted the dark waters and could be seen from all corners of the gardens. Simply magnificent.

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