Return to the Blogosphere

Popular request has urged me back to the blogosphere. Much has happened during my prolonged absence, most will not be reported here. In January I was offered a 4 month contract with an outdoor education company in Shenzhen, China. After much deliberation I decided that it is high time I begin to make decisions that promote my career aspirations (sadly fun loving vagabond doesn’t pay the bills). It pained me to break my commitment at the Frankfurt Zoological Society and to say goodbye to my many new friends in Sumatra, but I am confident now that it was the right choice for me. At the end of January my Indonesian visa needed renewal, I left for Singapore and decided to spend the next month traveling before beginning full time gainful employment in March. In the span of about five weeks I explored Singapore on two separate occasions, South Bali, Nusa Lembongan and Gili Trawangan.

Of all those places Gili Trawangan really got to me. I went intending to spend six days and instead spent three weeks. The diving was spectacular, the beaches idyllic and the partying sublime. There are no motorized vehicles on this tiny sandy island off Lombok, Indonesia. I lost my sandals on the first night and never bothered to get new ones until I left the island, you don’t need shoes in the Gilis. I met many wonderful people, the sort who belong to the same wandering tribe as me. I have nothing but fond and hazy memories from that portion of my holiday. I can say with confidence that I will be back on Gili T next fall. Until then I will leave it at that.

I abandoned the blog initially because I was simply too busy and distracted to think about sitting inside at a computer. As time went on I began to reflect on my goals in writing the blog and my feelings about travel blogs in general. I think that I needed a portion of my life to be just for me, and that is why my antics in the Gilis and Bali will remain personal memories. Perhaps it is an occupational hazard, but I love dropping off the face of the earth for weeks at a time. I firmly believe in unplugging from the world wide web, if only for a few weeks, it is amazing how quickly you lose interest in checking your emails and facebook and instead tune in to real life connections. That said, friends and family have been encouraging me to keep putting my stories out there. I will keep writing for all those who want to know that I’m okay, or to draw some inspiration for their own schemes of adventure. Just know that I will probably disappear again, but don’t worry, I always come back.

China stories to come, for now, enjoy a few random pictures from the road.

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